Kid Collaborations

With artist Erin Clark

An opportunity to see your child’s art scaled up to authentic size! Admit it – there are times when your kids have brought home creative work that quite honestly looks like a Rauschenberg or Pollack, so why not give them an opportunity to put that brilliance above your fireplace or dining room table? This private, guided session with professional artist, Erin Clark, is highly customized, beginning with a home visit to determine color directions and scale of work. Then continuing with the session itself which includes Erin and your child in collaboration on something uniquely amazing for your home!

The Commission Package

Your commission package begins with an in home visit with you, and/or your designer, to discuss the direction, style, palette and scale of work.  You will then be provided with an interactive inspiration board for your approval.  Once approved, you will set up 2-4 sessions in which your child will work in collaboration with Erin to create your one-of-a kind work of art!


$1000 This covers the entire project from home visit to deliver of artwork.  

The Details

-This is a customized commissioned project with Erin Clark, designed to showcase your child's artwork on a professional level.

-Your child/children will work in collaboration with Erin to complete the project.

-Projects typically take 2-3 sessions, lasting between 1-2 hours each. Some projects may take longer.

-We focus on acrylic and watercolor painting, and collage.

-Supplies included.

-All canvas work is done on a deep set wrapped canvas that does not require framing.

-We will finish your canvas with a clear coat varnish/sealer.

-Watercolor work needs to be framed.

-Framing is not included, but we can assist you in the process.

-Artwork will be ready and delivered within one week of completion! 

-Erin does not hang artwork, but can give you direction if needed.

Please contact Erin at