About Us

We are all artists with backgrounds and degrees in fine art. Our passions vary which makes us a diverse artistic team with abilities in many mediums. While we have all been trained in the highest standards of fine art and bring these teachings and techniques to our students, we also have a very open, flexible approach to working with young as well as older artists, and feel that exploration and fewer limitations is the best way to cultivate a creative mind. Mistakes are good! Messy is good! Losing our inhibitions through art opens doors in our lives that can’t be measured by a course or even a piece; it taps into the human spirit and awakens the sleeping giant that is your best, most confident, fully articulated self!

Who we are

Erin Clark: Owner/Instructor

BFA Massachusetts College of Art & Design- Art Education and Sculpture/Ceramics

Kim Hamilton: Instructor/Studio Manager

Montserrat College of Art- Painting and Illustration

Courtney Reid: Instructor

BFA Gordon College- Painting

Taylor Doiron: Instructor

BFA Salem State University- Art Education and Art & Design

Jess Hartley: Instructor

BFA Gordon College- Painting

Melissa Devereaux: Event Manager