Our commitment to maintaining a safe, healthy environment is priority here at Artcie.

The studio is undergoing frequent and routine cleaning and sanitizing.

We have provided hand sanitizer for employees and students entering and exiting the studio.

We will not be offering snack during class, however students are welcome to bring in their own water bottle. Please make sure your child’s name is clearly written and visible on the side of their bottle.

Please monitor your child’s health each morning. If they have a fever or show flu like symptoms please keep them home. We cannot accept fevered or sick children in the studio.


In order to keep hygiene and safety a priority, Artcie has made a small supply list for your child to bring to each class. We will provide all other materials.

  • Please send your child to each class with their own smock (or oversized t-shirt), or wear clothes that can get messy!  We often use paint that will NOT wash out of clothes.
  • Please create an “Art Box”/or bag (a gallon ziplock bag works well) for your child with the following supplies…
  • SUPPLIES: 2 pencils, 1 eraser, crayons or colored pencils for “free draw”, a black sharpie and a set of brushes (optional).
  • If you are unable to purchase brushes, your child may borrow a set of Artcie brushes for the week.
  • If you choose to bring in your own brushes, we recommend bringing a variety of sizes.  Brushes can be purchased online or at any local art store, or for your convenience you can purchase a set at Artcie for $20. If you plan to purchase brushes at Artcie, please send your child in with $20 on the first day of class.FACE MASKS AND COVERINGS: At this time, we are following the CDC guidelines for “public schools” and therefore students, teachers and faculty are required to wear a mask.  Anyone entering the building is also asked to please wear a mask.

    Drop Off & Pick Up: We are back to regular drop off and pick up procedures!  Please walk your child up to the studio at the beginning of class, and pick up at the studio door.  Because social distancing will be difficult for drop off & pick up, we are asking all people entering the building to kindly wear a mask.

    Thank you all for reading this carefully, and we promise to make updates as things progress! 🙂