Studio Art

Drawing & Painting

2D Art keeps the momentum going, building on many of the principles already learned, or incorporating the information for first time Artcie students. This class is designed to introduce or deepen techniques and skills in 2D art. Students will learn about a range of different prolific artists and create a body of work in various mediums like pencil, charcoal, pastel, watercolor and acrylic paint. While each project will focus on a new lesson, students are encouraged to create artwork that truly reflects their own personal style and creative voice!

Sculpture & Pottery

3D Art is not just about hands-in-clay, but also about learning how to transfer ideas from one-dimensional paper form, to 3D sculpture. This is importatn, mind-expanding work that stimulates new channels of creativity and surprises many students who find new confidence by seeing how capable they are whithin this exciting realm of art. We cover basic sculpture techniques and use everything from clay and plaster to wood and wire. This is both sculptural and functional work. And best of all, we’ll use everybody’s favorite tool… the pottery wheel!

Painting & Sculpture

Can’t decide, well… we couldn’t either, so we put together a class that combines the best of both worlds! …2D and 3D Art mixed together to create one awesome class!!! (please see descriptions of 2D and 3D art above)

Fashion Design

Fashion Design is a class designed to teach students about iconic fashion designers and give them the opportunity to create their own inspired designs through basic fashion illustration and collage. Students will also translate one of their own creative designs into a wearable work of art!


Spring Session: April 22 – June 17
8 Weeks (no classes May 27)

Painting & Sculpture
  • Monday 4:45-6:15
  • Tuesday 4:45-6:15
Drawing & Painting  
  • Wednesday 3:45-5:15
Sculpture & Pottery  
  • Thursday 4:45-6:15